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Starts from $35.90

Size: 4"2 layers (approx. 5cm tall)

Feeds 1-2 max

The lead time required is 3 days.

Self collection only. You may get delivery on your own. 

Self-collection*: Woodlands (11am - 3pm)

*Please arrive at the time you have stated for collection.


To order, please copy + paste and WhatsApp 8892 8105 the details below:

(Please delete accordingly)


Your name:

Date needed:

Time of self-collection:

Cake colour (pastel colours):

Cake flavour: Vanilla sponge + salted caramel / chocolate sponge + salted caramel / earl grey sponge + lemon curd (+$2)

Message on cake:

Candle (1): Yes/ No


Q: Can I customise the cake?

A: Kindly WhatsApp the photo of design reference to enquire. Customisation starts from $2. Design without extra charge will be the one advertised on this website - solid colours base with white words and border piping.

We do words and simple drawings like flowers and hearts only.

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